turnkey websites forsale $125.00 usd each
Not fully functioning websites but comes with reseller sites
need a better insaller than me im just a beginner at .php Listing all issues.
Could not complete website install database issues with install file. Comes with resell rights.
lotto could not install correctly this time around

turnkey websites reseller sites
visual purposes only
resell Eprofit generator page

for issues on fails to install or website problems that exist with these program before you buy please feel free to contact us. you may ask why we are selling these? some one can buy these bad scripts and get the site up and running who can fix the problems and they get a break on the price just because i could not complete the website testing process and they would not work for me.
i hope you understand that in order for me to sell turnkey websites they all must work or come with a knowledge or not working. these are my personal standards for my business. thank you

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